The Sea Nymphs Ocean POd

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Welcome my sisters  & brothers to The Sea Nymphs Ocean Pod-Sisters (SNO) 

This Pod is a Pod for ages 12+ and will be led by me-Nyx Fire and co-leader Mermaid Odina :)

Thank you for joining the SNO  and becoming a part of this family. The SNO is a tropical based mermaid pod where we will be moving to Fiji or an uninhabited tropical island somewhere in the Pacific. The dates of us moving will be around the summer (July) of 2019 or 2020, depending on ourselves. This is an ACTIVE pod who will stick close together and be there for one another on the journey of shifting. We will share experiences and helpful things an anything that can make us succeed through our journey of gaining our tail. We already are mermaids at heart, so never fear.

 We are siblings, bonded together by the ocean and our passion - Just remember that my Turtles

This is just an Intro of Welcome for those to remember why we are here, We are The Sea Nymphs Ocean Pod and we stick together. 

Please if you need help with anything or having troubles that you need to discuss, please say in the forums and all of us will be happy to help. Kik one of your sisters or PM them and again, they will be happy to help!

If needed to speak to me privately, PM on here or DM me on my instagram: gemini.sea

If you need to talk to Mermaid Odina, you can PM her on TSC or here.

~Thank you my turtles, I love you all and remember WE  ARE AN ACTIVE COMMUNITY THAT  HELP ONE ANOTHER!!!XD 

~Nyx xx